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What to Consider When Hiring a Area Rug Cleaning Company in Long Beach, CA

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Consider Hiring A Rug Cleaner?

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Taking care of your area rugs are especially important when it has high foot traffic and it is essential to a keep your home clean and healthy.  

The better you take care of your area rugs the cleaner your homes indoor air will be.

  • Mark It Clean is has educated technicians that are licensed and insured. 
  • Our area rug cleaning experts will add years of life to your area rugs. 
  • Pick the best company for your area rug cleaning needs and stay away from companies with bad reviews because they will likely decrease the years of life of the homes area rugs by cleaning it wrong.
  • How do you pick a great area rug company in Long Beach, CA?  Here are some things to think about and to do so you can ensure you pick the right area rug cleaning company.

The Cost of Area Rug Cleaning

  • Hiring the cheapest company in Long Beach, CA does not mean you are hiring the best area cleaning company. 
  • Sub-par area rug cleaning methods can destroy area rug fibers and if they are not using the correct method to ensure rapid dry time then area rugs could grow mold or mildew. 
  • This will damage your area rugs even more.   
  • Feel free to call Mark It Clean in Long Beach, CA for a free area rug cleaning estimate at 562-726-2929
  • Here’s how to choose the right area rug cleaning company so you keep your home looking amazing and taking care of your investment:


Method of cleaning

Companies have different area rug cleaning methods.  The wrong method can destroy your rugs.  Companies that pick up and drop off your area rugs are normally the best because they have a facility with the best specialized equipment that is needed for all area rugs.

  • Area Rug Cleaning Agents or Solutions

  1. Toxic chemicals versus non-toxic cleaning agents are extremely important. 
  2. There is a huge difference of putting dangerous chemicals on your area rugs that will cause asthma and allergies to everyone in the home. 
  3. The safer method is using non-toxic safe cleaning agents that are not harmful to any humans or pets.  Look for cleaners with green certification to avoid toxins.
  4. Rug identification is essential and Mark It Clean technicians are trained and experts in identifying what a rug needs.  If you hire a company that doesn’t know what they are doing a rug cleaning method can be disasters and costly. 
  5. In the inspection of the rug we will determine whether it is machine made or hand made.  We will determine if it is hand-knotted or tufted. 

  • How long has the area rug cleaning company been in business?

  1. How long a company has been in business is just as important as the equipment they use. 
  2. You want certified technicians that have taken the proper classes. 
  3. Understanding different cleaning methods and different area rugs is important

  • Customer Satisfaction

  1. How a company handles their customers says a lot.  Make sure you pick a company that provides excellent customer satisfaction.  Check online for customer reviews in helping to choose a company that does this correctly.  Also check to see if they have customer testimonials posted on their website?

  • Reviews

  1. I cannot say this enough!  Look for reviews, reviews, and reviews!  Go to Facebook, Yelp, and their Google Business page and read up the company.  You can even post in local Facebook forums to ask who they recommend. 
  2. If you don’t do your research you will easily pick a bad company.  Reviews will tell you if a company is doing the job right.
  3. Call Mark It Clean for a free estimate 562-726-2929.  Mark It Clean will inspect your area rug and chat with you on what cleaning method needs to be used in order to clean your area rug.  
  4. We will then us a spot treating application on all stains.  We will then use our specialized equipment to deep clean your area rug.  
  5. Our rug cleaning method will release deep down dirt and dander.  We will clean your rugs safely to protect the rugs carpet fibers and we will return the rug back looking better than ever.  
  6. Mark It Clean is taking all precautions with our Mark It Clean technicians. 
  7. We are monitoring their health and taking their temperatures on a daily basis.  We are also requiring everyone to where masks and gloves to protect them, our staff, and our customers health as well.