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Water Damage issues in Long Beach, CA

What Are the Causes of A lot Of Water Damage issues in Long Beach, CA?

Water Damage is a horrific thing and impacts around 40% of homeowners. Surprisingly around 90% of a water damage issue could have been prevented by a homeowner just noticing an issue or being more proactive in a situation. 

Mark It Clean in Long Beach, CA wants to help resident recognize problems and be able to prevent a situation turning into a horrific ordeal. Water Damage can be a stressful and expensive situation and can alter your life for a short while or for a long term ordeal. It just depends on the situation.

Our technicians are certified and trained to handle water damage restoration issues around the clock. We send our technicians to special classes and require them to have special certificates and we are Insured as well as trained on how to talk to your insurance company so you don’t have to. Our goal is to handle your water damage situation successfully as well as making your life easier.

Here is common Water Damage Problems Some Homeowners May Have in Long Beach, CA:

1. Damaged Pipes

A lot of times you may have an older home and older homes are more susceptible to plugs and faulty pipes. Always check out any visible cracks or odd bulges and even stains on the floor could be signs of something happening. Some other simple tips are even an increased water bill. It’s important to do routine checks on pipes in your crawl space. Obviously, if you find a leak call your
local plumber in Long Beach, CA an a lot of times they will have a water damage company to recommend if needed.

2. Appliances

Appliances like dishwashers, washing machine or refrigerator are also items that can leak and cause damage. The older things get they will obviously cause problems in your home. If you even have any questions about water damage restoration in Long Beach, CA you can always call Mark It Clean at 562-726-2929

Usually if your washing machine floods it’s 90% of the time caused by a hose that leaks for some reason. Make sure your washing machine has a valve shutoff kit.

3. Clogged Drains

Sinks always get clogged by grease and hair…and if you have a kid who knows what they may be putting down drains? When drains get clogged they in a way break down and can cause back up. Having a toilet back up into the house is an awful experience so it’s extremely important to prevent this.

A great old trick my mother taught me was dawn dish soap, baking soda, followed by hot water…you’d be amazed at how quickly it unclogs a toilet.

4. Natural Disasters

Obviously, floods and storms happen on occasion. Anything that brings excess water will cause damage. The longer you let water sit the more damage will occur. It’s extremely important to get the water out and the area dry and ventilated. Make sure you have flood insurance in Long Beach, CA as well. If you live near beaches or any water it’s extremely important to have a natural disaster plan.

5. Structural Damage

You always have to inspect any areas where moisture can create mold. Everything from gutters to areas near your home that have water sitting near your foundation can damage concrete and cause your home to have structural damage. 

The older the house the easier structural damage may occur. It entirely depends on water settlement and if a flood or storm caused damages.

Preventing water damage is always the goal to have. Once water damage happens you have a lot on your plate.


Local favorite in Long Beach, CA!

Mark It Clean has a lot of experience with working with homeowners as well as with insurance companies so that our customers don’t feel stressed or overwhelmed with everything.  It’s much easier having someone else handle the little things so you don’t have to. Mark It Clean has been doing water damage restoration in Long Beach, CA for years and we are happy to talk with you on the phone to answer question and help give you advice on how to handle a situation. We can also come to you 24 Hours a day because water problems can happen at any time of day and it’s important to act quickly. Give Mark It Clean a call 24 Hours a Day to handle your Water Damage Restoration problems. Call Us now at 562-726-2929 Mark It Clean is a local favorite in Long Beach, CA!
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