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Tips & Tricks for Area Rugs by Mark It Clean

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Area Rugs Clean By Mark it Clean

Area rugs are made of different dyes and material which will require different cleaning methods depending on those dyes and material.  The age of an area rug can also make a huge difference on how it is cleaned and how often it needs to be cleaned.  You can Google the area rug and what type it is to help on how it needs to be cleaned.  You can call Mark It Clean for a free estimate or ask further questions at 562-726-2929 in Long Beach, CA.


Different Types of Rugs:

  • Rugs made out of Natural Fibers:  Require a deep washing routinely.  Often times should be cleaned by a professional area rug cleaner.
  • Rugs made out of Synthetic Fibers:  Can be steam cleaned with a carpet cleaning machine.
  • Rugs made out of wood-pulp or problematic fibers:  Should be cleaned by a professional area rug cleaner because sometimes water can even ruin it.
  • Certain rugs should not be in homes with kids or dogs because the slightest spill or beating may destroy it.
  • Our rugs are a huge investment and must have routine cleanings to make them last as long as possible.  Area rugs add such a vibrant and beautiful part in our homes.  Mark It Clean is happy to give you a free estimate when you call for an area rug cleaning in Long Beach, CA.  Call now at 562-726-2929.
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6 tips For Rug Cleaning

How Often Should I clean a Rug?

  • How much foot traffic is my area rug seeing?
  • How often am I vacuuming and what kind of vacuum do I have?
  • What kind of fibers is my area rug made of?  This will determine how often and who should clean your rugs.


How Do I know if a Rug needs to be cleaned?


Spot Remover Tips

  • Synthetic Area Rugs:  Relatively stain resistant, but you should use more natural and safe cleaning agents.
  • You always want to be aware of moisture with rugs.  That’s why renting a machine can be bad because you are putting necessary water on the rug. 


You want to avoid moisture damage. 

  • You also do not want to put any harsh chemicals on your rug if you clean it.  You also want to spot test it too.  Professional rug cleaners provide a gentle yet powerful method to clean your rugs.  They have drying techniques that will preserve the dye in the rug fibers. 
  • Mark It Clean is specially trained and uniquely qualified to clean your area rugs in Long Beach, CA.  Mark It Clean technician’s take special training and are experts in evaluating rug fibers, dyes, materials, and construction to properly clean your homes area rug.  Mark It Clean is Long Beach’s local favorites.  You can read our reviews on Google, Facebook, BBB and Yelp.  We are here to help.


Cleaning Methods

  • Dry cleaning and steam cleaning are fundamental methods in area rug cleaning.  It is important to ask the company you call in your area what kind of cleaning methods they use.  Some rugs will need to be hand washed and this is much more labor intensive. 
  • We take our cleaning methods very seriously because we know how much an area rug can cost someone.  We know how to handle each rug and we know what cleaning method is needed in each situation.


Shag Rug Tip

  • Most cannot be vacuumed without damaging the area rugs.  They require a special tools.


Wool Rugs Tip

  • The best method is having them cleaned by a professional area rug cleaner.
  • If you need your area rugs cleaned by a specialist in Long Beach, CA call Mark It Clean at 562-726-2929 and we can give you a free estimate over the phone.
  • Hiring an experienced rug cleaning company in Long Beach, CA is critical and Mark It Clean is a local favorite in Long Beach, CA.