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Spring Cleaning in Long Beach, CA

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Everyone is familiar with the usual deep spring cleaning to help get your home back into shape for the upcoming year.  Some may dread spring cleans and some may love it.  This is a good time to get your routine carpet and area rugs cleaned by professional cleaners like Mark It Clean in Long Beach, CA.  Your area rugs will last for decades if they are cleaned on a regular basis by a professional area rug cleaner.


Spring Cleaning Tips

  • A good rub down on walls & clean windows inside and out.
  • Clean out closets and get rid of things you do not use.
  • Clean out your refrigerator and pantry.  Throw out old and outdated food.
  • Sweep under your appliances like your refrigerator and sweep/vacuum under couches.
  • Change filters in you AC systems.
  • Deep clean bathrooms.


Annual Professional Cleans:

  • Professional Area Rug Cleaning.
  • Professional Carpet Cleaning.
  • Professional Upholstery Cleaning.
  • Professional Mattress Cleaning.
  • Stains, pet dander, pollen, dust, tracked in dirt, hair, and other debris gets embedded in your area rugs. Each area rug needs an inspection before it is cleaned and from the inspection we can pick a certain cleaning method used by a professional area rug cleaning company like Mark It Clean to ensure your area rugs will be protected and cleaned correctly.  Mark It Clean is Long Beach, CA’s best area rug cleaning professionals.


How do I clean Area Rugs myself?

There are store bought rug cleaners and they will have instructions.  Look for cleaning agents that are safe non-toxic cleaning agents.

You can mix dish soap with warm water.  Do not use extremely hot water because if will fade the rugs color and shrink the rug fibers as well.  You always want to test the cleaning agents on the rug before using it.  Put the cleaning agent on the corner of the area rug and let it sit for a while then rinse out and wait for a few hours then check to see if it did anything to the color of the area rug or if it damaged the area rug at all.

If you are unsure about cleaning your area rug do not feel hesitate to call Mark It Clean and we can have a certified area rug cleaning technician come and clean your rugs properly.


Regular Area Rug Maintenance in Your Long Beach Home

Give Mark It Clean a call in Long Beach, CA for a routine area rug cleaning.  Call Mark It Clean at 562-726-2929.

Hire certified and insured companies that have been around for some time in your area.

Having a routine area rug cleaning around spring time when you get all of your other annual spring cleaning done just give you a peace of mind that your home is clean and healthier. 

Mark It Clean wants to ensure we keep your family healthy during this pandemic.  It is our top priority to have our technicians taking precautions like using face masks, gloves and disinfecting areas.  We have our technicians take their temperature and we make sure they are not feeling sick or having any symptoms of COVID. 

Professional rug cleaners provide a gentle yet powerful method to clean your rugs.  They have drying techniques that will preserve the dye in the rug fibers.  Technicians will evaluate and implement the correct cleaning method to use depending on what the rug is made of. 

Our impact on our environment is very important.  It is highly important to think about our waste and pollution, and it is necessary to take action by using green carpet cleaning companies like Mark It Clean.  Our cleaning solutions are biodegradable and organic.  Mark It Clean experts are trained and knowledgeable on how to apply and use these cleaning agents to ensure they are effective so we can help improve your homes area rugs.

If you have noticed that your allergies are flaring up then you need an area rug cleaning.  More than likely there is something in the area rugs causing it.  Area rugs impact your air quality immensely.  People and pets track in a lot of dirt, dander, and other allergens from outside. 

Hire certified and insured companies that have been around for some time in your area.  Hire a area rug cleaner that has good reviews and knows what they are talking about.  Feel free to call Mark It Clean in Long Beach, CA.  We will give you a free estimate on your area rug cleaning. Call Mark It Clean today at 562-726-2929 for your free estimate.