Thermal Imaging

In both the mold and Indoor Air Quality industry, within the past ten years, Infra-Red (IR) or Thermal Imaging has been introduced as an extremely useful tool, for the inspector or investigator.

Mark It Clean USA always employs the latest technical innovations for both inspections and remediation work. The Infra- Red camera of choice is the “FLIR” or ‘Forward Looking Infra-Red’. The use of this tool, greatly enhances the quality of the inspections and ‘pin-points’ the exact locations of any water leaks or sites of mold growth.

Thermal Imaging cameras are hand-held devices, which are designed to sense subtle changes in the temperature of surfaces, which may indicate environmental changes behind these surfaces. The images are displayed in scales of color, which range from violet to white, indicating increasing temperatures. In a very true sense, the inspector can visualize what is occurring behind the surface, to determine environmental changes, including mold or microbial growth or air and water infiltration. In a manner of speaking, it is similar to taking an ‘X-Ray Image’ as opposed to doing exploratory surgery!

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Prior to these cameras being used in this industry, bore holes needed to be drilled into suspect surfaces and Fiber-Optic Camera Probes were inserted to examine these hidden areas, behind the walls. This process was very time consuming and minimally destructive. The use of this new technology eliminates the necessity for drilling holes, making the inspections ‘nondestructive’! Clients and landlords alike, welcome the use of this technology.



In interpreting the imaging results, which require some level of experience from the inspector, cooler temperatures generally indicate the presence of abnormal moisture or air leaks and patterns of warmer temperatures generally indicate the presence of mold or other microbial growth. The inspector analyzes the results and bases his conclusions on the nature of the images and other forms of ambient sampling, including ‘bio-aerosol’ and surface sampling.

Mark It Clean USA is certainly one of the first mold inspection and remediation companies to use this technology. Mark It Clean USA always employs the latest technologies, as they come to this market, to insure the best results for its’ clients!

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