Mold Remediation

IMG_20112017_145611_0Mold Remediation can involve the complete disinfection and drying of mold contaminated material. The nature of the contaminated materials and the degree of contamination, determines the effective and appropriate remediation procedure to be used.
Building occupants and homeowners are very recently becoming more aware of the health hazards associated with mold contamination. Moisture associated with water intrusion onto organic surfaces, such as sheet rock and wood, is the primary cause of mold growth indoors.

Mold growth can occur on the most common building surfaces if they contain organic materials in their composition.  Growth can begin usually within 24 hours after the appropriate moisture content has been achieved. This moisture content is referred to as the ‘water activity’ of the material.

All material de-contamination is performed, while the environment is controlled, to prevent any cross contamination to non contaminated areas of the residence or facility. Following the remediation procedures, ‘air scrubbing’ is performed to remove any lingering air contaminants and ‘de-humidification’ is performed to reduce moisture in any cavities or closed spaces.

IMG_20112017_145629_036Various types (genus & species) of molds have been medically proven to cause many health issues, which include allergic reactions, respiratory tract sensitivity, chronic fatigue, active infection including hemosiderosis (bleeding into the lungs) and possibly cancer. Other genus of molds can damage furnishings, destroy wood and compromise the integrity of structural materials. When a mold problem has been identified, it is important to address the problem, as quickly as possible, to minimize exposure and material damage.

When mold remediation is performed correctly and precautionary measures, such as humidity control are exercised and in the absence of any accidents involving water, any future mold growth will be greatly minimized if not arrested, completely.

MARK IT CLEAN USA employs procedures, completely consistent with modern Industrial Hygiene practices as well as NYC/EPA Guidelines in their mold remediation practices, to insure, as reasonably practical, that the abated area is ‘mold free’!

MARK IT CLEAN USA Mold Specialists, one of the ‘Tri-State’ areas and the nation’s leaders in remediation and restoration, brings many years of knowledge and experience in the elimination and prevention of mold related Indoor Air Quality issues.

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