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Rug Cleaning Tips & Stain Removal Tips in Long Beach, CA

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We will go over very important information on rug cleaning and it is essential for rug owners to know some basic information about rugs in general. Rugs are a huge investment and it is important to keep them clean and protected.  Mark It Clean is the best area rug cleaning company in Long Beach, CA.

Depending on its location, an area rug will take lots of abuse. Things like dirt, dust, sand, oily cooking residue, moisture, along with spills and foot traffic can have an impact on the appearance and how long a rug may last.  It is important to have routine cleanings and routine rug maintenance in order for rug to last. Area rugs may look as though they’re losing their vibrant color when often it’s just a matter of them needing that routine area rug cleaning. The fibers of a rug can become packed and matted if dirt, dust and other particles are not removed.

Contact Mark It Clean in Long Beach, CA for a routine area rug cleaning.  Our technicians are certified and trained to protect your rug.  Call Mark It Clean in Long Beach at 562-726-2929.

Vacuuming Tips in Long Beach

  1. Vacuums lose efficacy if the bag becomes too full.  Change regularly.
  2. Rugs may need to be vacuumed more often if they are in high traffic areas.
  3. Vacuuming on a routine basis will bring up rug fibers and keep them protecting the area rug..
  4. Vacuum are rugs by going over them in both directions so it will prevent matting.
  5. Flip over the area rug and vacuum the back of the rug as well.
  6. A vacuum with a rotating beater bar will vibrate or gently agitate the rug and may damage.
  7. Be careful with rugs that have fringe because you do not want to suck up the fringe and destroy the material.

Rotate Your Area Rugs:

It is a good idea to rotate your rugs twice a year.  Move area rugs out of high traffic areas and put in a less traveled area in your home.  Move area rugs that are in direct sunlight to another area to help prevent fading.   This will make area rugs last longer.

Basic Area Rug Care

Vacuum area rugs consistently between professional cleanings and always treat your area rugs gently because they are typically more fragile than carpet.  Cleaning your area rug at least 1-2 times a year will help maintain and protect your area rugs and will ensure that they last longer.  You can call Mark It Clean in Long Beach, CA at 562-726-2929 and we can give your area rug a routine area rug cleaning.

Why Should I NOT Clean my Rug at My Home?

  • Your home is NOT a controlled environment and while you attempt to clean things my happen like dog and kid interruption that may make your area rugs dirtier.
  • You more than likely DO NOT have the powerful vacuum needed with adequate suction to get rid of the majority of dirt and grime.
  • You more than likely are not able to do immersion cleaning.
  • You may not have the space or ability to properly and effectively dry the area rug properly.
  • Some area rugs may need a second cleaning process because of difficult stains.
  • You may not have the correct and effective pet stain and odor treatments to rid your area rug of pet stains.

To put it bluntly it is time to invest in a thorough area rug cleaning. Make sure that you protect your homes fragile area rug by hiring an expert area rug cleaning service like Mark It Clean in Long Beach, CA because we have the correct equipment and licensed and insured technicians.

We are Long Beach, CA’s local favorite and have provided the best area rug cleanings possible.  Your area rug is a huge investment and you want your area rug to be in good hands when it is being cleaned. 

Trust the pros like Mark It Clean with your area rugs

Who you choose to have clean your area rugs is extremely important.  Don’t trust just anyone because the consequences could be unfortunate.Select a company that has a good reputation, great customer service and a stellar reputation online.  Read reviews and ask around.

Do you place a high priority on cleaning your area rugs? If not, you should.

Call Mark It Clean in Long Beach, CA to schedule your routine area rug cleaning by our certified and insured technicians.  562-726-2929