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Rug Care Tips: Preventing Mildew and Dry Rot in Rugs

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When rugs stay wet too long, they become mildewed or suffer from dry rot. Dry rot can be caused by a plant placed on a rug. The typical result is a horribly rotted circular area. Rugs are made of pre-dyed and post-dyed yarns. Dyes are added by printing, continuous dyeing, or beck dyeing. Some methods you actually submerge the rug into the dye mixture.  Because of the unique way rugs are made it means there are different methods and cleaning agents depending on the dye and material a rug is made from. Rugs can be made from an automated machine, hand tufting, to even hand-knotting.  Different types of rugs can be very delicate and that’s why a company’s cleaning method is extremely important.

More things will happen when area rugs are stored poorly, in a garage for instance, and they become wet without anyone realizing it. Even though dry rot is not inevitable in such cases, a mildew smell is. Sometimes the smell of mildew cannot be removed. We take our cleaning methods very seriously because we know how much an area rug can cost someone.  We know how to handle each rug and we know what cleaning method is needed in each situation.

Before picking an area rug cleaner in your area you need to read reviews, ask around for recommendations, and ask the company questions before hiring them to clean your area rug in Los Angeles, CA.  Hire certified and insured companies that have been around for some time in your area.  Hire a rug cleaner that has good reviews and knows what they are talking about.  Feel free to call Mark It Clean in Los Angeles, CA.  We will give you a free estimate on your area rug cleaning. Call Mark It Clean today at 562-726-2929 for your free estimate.

Water can also cause dyes in rugs to bleed or run. All you can do in this situation is to get the rug dry as soon as possible and to send it to an expert area rug cleaner like Mark It Clean.  Each rug needs an inspection process and a certain cleaning method used by a professional area rug cleaning company to ensure your rugs will be protected and returns back to you looking better than ever.  Mark It Clean is Los Angeles, CA’s best area rug cleaning professionals and we like to educate clients and future clients on rugs and the method behind cleaning them correctly. 

Area Rug Cleaning Methods in Los Angeles, CA

It is extremely important to understand the different types of area rug cleaning methods that work and do not work for your office.  Mark It Clean in Los Angeles, CA likes to help people feel more educated on how area rug cleaning is performed.  Not all companies do it the same way either so it is important to ask the company you call what method do they use to clean your area rugs.

Give Mark It Clean a call in Los Angeles, CA for your area rug cleaning.  Call 562-726-2929 for a free estimate and walk through.  Revive your home rugs to their absolute beauty with Mark It Cleans area rug cleaning service.Improve the cleanliness of your work place by enhancing your homes health because area rug cleaning will improve your indoor air quality.  Excellent indoor air quality will improve your family’s immune systems! 

What Should Do In Between Professional Rug Cleanings

Take your smaller rugs outside and give them an occasional shake to remove dirt.  You can slap the back to remove some of the drier dirt as well.  Vacuums with a rotating brush can be a little rough on rugs especially old vacuums with the beater bar.  Vacuuming can break down the rug fibers and that will increase its wear and tear.  Sweeping the rug with a broom is also a good option.  It will help remove dirt, dust, and dander. 

Professional Rug Cleaning in Los Angeles, CA

Mark It Clean is certified and insured to provide a deep cleaning on all area rugs.  A professional are rug cleaning will make them look more vibrant and lift odors out that you didn’t even realize you had in your home. 

We do have different cleaning methods depending on the rug and what it is made of.  Identifying what the rug is made of is important before cleaning agents are applied.  Mark It Clean technicians will be able to choose the best area rug cleaning method for your homes rugs.