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Oriental Rug Cleaning

An oriental rug is made of heavy textiles like wool, cotton or even silk. Rugs add such a beautiful aspect to our homes in Long Beach, CA. It can add color, character, and beauty to your living rooms, bedrooms, or hallways.

Mark it Clean cannot express enough how important it is for your oriental rug to being cleaned routinely. It’s a big invest so why not protect it. We know rugs need to be cleaned regularly to prolong their life and usability.

When you invest thousands into a rug it is extremely important to have a trained professional do the cleaning. It is easier than you think to damage a rug permanently by using the wrong cleaning methods.

Mark it Clean in Long Beach, CA has certified and trained technicians that have been cleaning oriental rugs for years. We are your local favorites in Long Beach, CA.

You must have a deep rug cleaning at least once a year and sometimes with foot traffic, accidents by kids, or pets bringing in unwanted mud and dirt you may need to do this more than once a year. Every time your rug collects dirt, mud, and dander it is actually damaging the fibers in the rug. People with a large household size usually get their rugs cleaned every six months.

We’ve know some oriental rugs owners that may even do weekly, annual and semi-annual treatments. Certain steps you can take to help your rug is to vacuum it once a week. Obviously, if the whole family went to the beach and drug in a ton of sand then it’s recommended to vacuum after.

You have to keep in mind that household vacuums will not get out all of the dust, dirt, and dander from the rug fibers.

Our Oriental Rug Cleaning in Long Beach is sufficient, affordable, and reliable. You can feel confident that you will always get your rug back in better condition. We thoroughly and safely wash your rugs like our own. Give us a call today at Mark It Clean for a free consultation estimate! (562)726-2929

We offer standard rug washing services and restorative washing services. Our restorative washing services include stain removal, odor removal, and decontamination for flood-affected and fire-affected rugs.

We are the best Long Beach rug cleaning company with professionally trained technicians that will inspect, make recommendations, clean and return your rug to your home or business. A rug needs to have all of the dirt particles removed to help with the wash.

Did you know a rug can hold literally pounds of dirt and hair? Upon our inspection we will test for bleeding, we will look at the
type of backing and fiber, and we will check for any mold damage (this could have come from a spill/pet stain not cleaned properly or a previous cleaner who didn’t do his job right). Once we identify any problems we will move forward with a thorough deep cleaning to help protect carpet fibers and improve those vibrant colors.

Give Mark it Clean a call today to schedule your appointment with a Long Beach, CA technician. (562)726-2929