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DIY VS A Professional Mattress Cleaner

A lot people wonder if a do it yourself method to clean mattresses is better than hiring a professional mattress cleaner. Mattresses can be intimidating! Especially when it’s a urine or blood stain, and just our sweat from the heat or a common cold will go deep into the mattress fibers and if you don’t get it out an odor will linger. Let’s face it no homeowner has the correct equipment to vacuum out all of the germs and bacteria that are infested deep into the mattress. Mark It Clean has the top of the line equipment to do just that. We can pre-treat the mattress then suck up all the liquid, and whatever lies beneath the surface. That’s one thing that is hard about Do-It-Yourself methods because a lot of times you will accidentally get too much liquid into the mattress and if you can’t get it to dry mildew will certainly grow.

Mark It Cleans technicians have all been properly trained on our equipment and have taken classes to become certified and insured. We are a local favorite and know what it takes to get the job done right. We’ve all had kids that go through potty training, we’ve had dogs that have accidents or just leave clumps of hair. Things happen and you can try to do it yourself or you can save time and just give Mark It Clean a call.


Did you know sweating actually is the main source of stains? We spend 8 hours in our bed and it might be more if we have a cold. You don’t want to put any toxic or harmful chemicals onto your mattress because when you lay on it you are essentially soaking up those chemicals. You can keep it simple with baking soda and dish soap. You have to realize that you won’t get out all the stains yourself but you can buy some time before you can schedule a mattress cleaning with Mark It Clean.

You want to remember to squirt the stains then blot. You do not want to be dumping a cleaning liquid onto the mattress because you won’t be able to get out all of the liquid that soaks down into the mattress. You want to open windows to add air circulation to the room and that way the mattress will dry faster. If you don’t get that mattress dry mold and mildew will grow. That’s why Mark It Clean has a powerful vacuum that sucks up all the liquid to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Call Mark It Clean at 562-726-2929 and we can give you a free estimate and answer any questions you may have.


The best solutions to making your mattress smell fresher and cleaner is using just baking soda or any type of powder with a scent. Stay away of putting liquid onto your mattress because you will always open the door to it not drying correctly and mold and mildew growing which smells a lot worse!

The best thing about Mark It Cleans thorough Mattress Cleaning is that the mattress will be sanitized, stains and sweat will be removed, excess liquid will be sucked up, and we will leave you with a fresh cleaned smell. We have affordable prices and have a flexible schedule so we can meet your needs.

You’d also be surprised that having your mattresses cleaned every six months isn’t as expensive as someone buying different cleaning agents to try to do it themselves. A lot of times it makes the situation at hand worse. I’ve seen people poor bleach on stains and other chemicals that break the mattress down and basically ruin it. Mattresses are not cheap so it’s important to clean it correctly.

Professional mattress cleaning companies will give you a free estimate so you can compare prices with others. You want to also go online and read reviews from Google, Facebook, Yelp, BBB, and anywhere else to make sure you are selecting the correct mattress cleaning company in your area. Not all companies do mattress cleaning but we feel it’s an essential part of your home especially since we sleep 8-10 hours a day. Mattresses get more time with you than a couch or recliner.

Mark It Clean offers affordable prices and we can meet your busy schedule to ensure we get the job done right. Give Mark It Clean a call to schedule your mattress cleaning appointment. Call Now at 562-726-2929