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Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning Vs. DIY

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Do you have a lot of employees which means your offices carpet is seeing a higher foot traffic than normal.  It doesn’t matter if you are vacuuming daily and cleaning up spills your office carpet still needs to be commercially carpet cleaned every 3-6 Months.  Commercial Carpet Cleaning should be a part of your routine check list to ensure you have a healthier and cleaner work environment.  An office cannot go years without a commercial carpet cleaning.  Carpets collect dirt, dander, and can grow mold and mildew and this will affect indoor air quality.  Routine commercial carpet cleaning will rejuvenates worn carpet and will clean deep down to reach dirt and debris your regular vacuum can’t get out.

Commercial Carpet Cleaners have heavy-duty tools and equipment to get the job done right.  Renting a steam cleaning machine at a local grocery store just doesn’t do the job the same.  It’s cheaper equipment used by lots of people that have no clue how to even run a machine like that.  Mark It Clean has experience technicians that are certified and trained to use the tools and equipment correctly and they are familiar with the different types of fibers and cleaning agents that work best in certain situations.  We have portable machines that are excellent to get every corner and deep stain your office may have.  You can call Mark It Clean in Long Beach, CA for a commercial carpet cleaning estimate.  Call for a Free Estimate at 562-726-2929.

Our machines are more powerful than the portable machines you rent.  Using a Do-It-Yourself method just does not do the job as well as hiring a professional commercial carpet cleaner.  You won’t safe much money and you won’t be able to get out most stains.  You may use too much water and end up not having dry carpets.  It’s not recommended to walk on wet carpet because you will damage carpet fibers and trap more dirt in the carpet.

Mark It Clean has positive reviews, a strong BBB rating, and certified and insured technicians.  We can work with your schedule and clean when no one is in the building and have carpets dry before you open the next day.  Having a professional commercial carpet cleaner come in routinely every 3-6 Months will save you money and give you peace of mind.  There really isn’t much of a downside to hiring a professional commercial carpet cleaner.


Tips On How To Hire A Commercial Carpet Cleaner:

Get a Solid Estimate prior to having the commercial carpet cleaning done.  Get it in writing.

You want to be communicating with the company about what you want and ask questions.  Ask for them to do a walkthrough so they can give you the right estimate so there are no hidden fees down the road.

Read Reviews on Facebook, Yelp, and BBB.  If you are in a building with lots of other businesses don’t be afraid to ask around on who they use.

Don’t be afraid to ask what equipment they use and what cleaning agents they use as well.  When the technicians can answer these questions quickly and efficiently you know you are in good hands.

Make sure the technicians are certified and insured.  There are some fly by the night companies that have no clue what they are doing so do research online.

Mark It Clean has stellar reviews and will be happy to do a walk through as well as answering all questions efficiently and thoroughly.  We want you to feel safe and happy with your choice.  Call Mark It Clean for a free estimate at 562-726-2929.   We are a local favorite in Long Beach, CA.


Things You Want to Avoid Cleaning Carpet Yourself:

Things can go wrong trying to clean carpet yourself and the biggest ones these:

Oversaturation of the office Carpet- this will make it harder to get carpets dry before the next work day.

Not getting into the Small Spaces.  Getting all corners and close to walls is important because it can certainly collect a lot of debris.

Equipment Complications – machines you rent at the store take a lot of wear and tear.  They are used by inexperienced people and sometimes break or don’t do the job right because it’s broken and may not even know it.  It’s frustrating and takes more time that you want to use.

Avoid frustrations and bad cleaning equipment and just call Mark It Clean in Long Beach, CA for a routine commercial carpet cleaning.  Call for your free estimate at 562-726-2929