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Professional Area Rug Cleaning VS DIY

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Do you have a lot of people in your family which means your homes area rugs are seeing high foot traffic and this can damage your area rugs?  It doesn’t matter if you are vacuuming daily and cleaning up spills your area rugs will still need a routine area rug cleaning by a professional.  Area Rug Cleaning should be a part of your routine project to make sure you have a healthier and cleaner home.  Area rugs collect dirt, dander, and can grow mold and mildew and this will affect indoor air quality.  Routine area rug cleaning will rejuvenate old rugs and this will make your home look more vibrant.

Mark It Clean has heavy-duty tools and equipment to properly clean your area rugs. Renting a steam cleaning machine at a local grocery store just doesn’t do the job the same. It will damage your rugs. Even cleaning with a pressure washer can be dangerous if you do it wrong. Mark It Clean has experienced technicians that are certified and trained to use the tools and equipment correctly and they are familiar with the different types of area rug fibers and cleaning agents that work best in certain situations. You can call Mark It Clean in Long Beach, CA for an area rug cleaning estimate. Call for a Free Estimate at 562-726-2929.

Our machines are more powerful and gentler on your area rugs than the portable machines you rent. Using a Do-It-Yourself method just does not do the job as well as hiring a professional area rug cleaner. If you end up not drying the area rug correctly it can also grow mold and mildew. If you stand too close with a pressure washer you can damage the area rugs fibers.

Mark It Clean has positive reviews, a strong BBB rating, and certified and insured technicians. We can work with your schedule and clean when no one is in the building and have carpets dry before you open the next day. Having an area rug cleaner come in routinely will make your homes area rugs last much longer.

Tips On How To Hire An Area Rug Cleaner:

Get a Solid Estimate over the phone on what it will cost to clean your area rug. What we will need to know is the material and what type of rug it is and if there is any area rug warranty on it so we can protect that warranty.You want to ask questions on how they clean the area rug. Do they come to your home or do they pick up and drop off? Some rugs should never be cleaned with a portable machine. Professionals generally will pick up your area rug and take it to a facility where they will clean the area rug properly.

Read Reviews on Facebook, Yelp, and BBB. If you are in a building with lots of other businesses don’t be afraid to ask around on who they use.Don’t be afraid to ask what equipment they use and what cleaning agents they use as well. When the technicians can answer these questions quickly and efficiently you know you are in good hands.Make sure the technicians are certified and insured.Mark It Clean has stellar reviews and we want you to feel safe and happy with your choice. Call Mark It Clean for a free estimate at 562-726-2929. We are a local favorite in Long Beach, CA.

Things You Want to Avoid Cleaning Area Rugs Yourself:

Oversaturation of the area rug- this will make it harder to get area rugs and if they are not dried properly they will grow mold and mildew. Destroy Area Rug Fibers – if you use harsh equipment or cleaning agents this can for sure destroy area rug fibers. Equipment – some people will clean area rugs with pressure washers and at times some pressure washers are too harsh or people will stand too close to the area rug and this will result in destroy area rug fibers as well.

Cleaning Agents- some people do not test cleaning agents on their area rug before applying it to the entire area rug. It is important to test the cleaning agent on one spot then waiting for a while rinse it out then return again to see if it has done anything to rug fibers. Avoid frustrations and bad cleaning equipment and just call Mark It Clean in Long Beach, CA for a routine area rug cleaning. Call for your free estimate at 562-726-2929