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Preparing for a Professional Area Rug Cleaning in Long Beach, CA

Are you looking for an effective way to improve your homes 

Appearance and Indoor air?  

Do you smell an odd odor?  

You can improve everything in your home by a professional area rug cleaning by Mark It Clean in Long Beach, CA. Our certified and insured technicians will properly clean your homes area rugs and it will improve the odor and bring your area rugs back to life. Area rugs are a huge investment so it is critical to take care of them.  

Certified and Insured companies are best to work with when you decide to have your rugs cleaned.You want people that are experienced in knowing the rug’s dyes, fibers, and origin so they use the right cleaning methods. Rugs are made of pre-dyed and post-dyed yarns. Dyes are added by printing, continuous dyeing, or beck dyeing. Some methods you actually submerge the rug into the dye mixture.0

How Do I Prepare for an Area Rug Cleaning in Long Beach, CA?

There are a few easy things you can do to prepare for a professional area rug cleaning in Long Beach.  These simple tasks that will help us get the job done right and more efficiently.  Mark It Clean prides ourselves at delivering the best area rug cleaning in Long Beach homes.

Remove furniture that may be on area rugs so our technicians can easily roll them up.  Move any fragile items to help us get the area rug out without damaging anything.

When our area rug cleaning technician gets to your home please inform him or her of stains, high traffic areas, and any other concerns so he can use pre-treatment and take extra care of those areas.  We can guess but it’s always better to hear it from you as well.  It makes us have a more successful cleaning.  High traffic areas will have lots of dirt build up like in hallways and entry ways so we pay extra attention to those areas so we can protect carpet fibers from breaking down.


If you have a puppy and you know of areas where the pet has had accidents let us know so we can use a pre-treatment in those areas.  These stains will carry a bad odor if untreated and can discolor the area rug if  untreated. 

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Indoor Air Quality

Vacuuming your rugs routinely is always a wise choice.  Vacuuming will pick up all the dirt, dust, dander, and hair.  However, it is essential to have area rugs professionally cleaned by a professional area rug cleaning company. Indoor air quality plays a big role in your home because if it is unhealthy it can cause people to have asthma attacks or allergy attacks. 

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We will give you a free estimate over the phone and work with your schedule to get you a cleaning as soon as possible.The average cost to professionally clean an area rug ranges between $50 and $350. It depends on the cleaning method and type of material. We may need to do extra treatments or stain removal and that can cost more money. Having rugs routinely cleaned is imperative to their overall appearance and will add life to them.  You can be sure your area rug will last for a decade if they are cleaned on a regular basis by a professional area rug cleaner. Thorough area rug cleaning in Long Beach, CA will help you with allergens this spring, but you still need to vacuum and perform routine maintenance. Mark It Clean in Long Beach, CA can help you with a routine area rug cleaning at any time. 

Mark It Clean has expert staff that has taken special classes in how to clean area rugs as well as what cleaning agents are needed when. Rug cleaning technology has come a long way and when you choose professional company that has experienced and trained technicians you can feel a peace of mind that when your rug is returned to you it will be looking better than ever.  Area rugs are an important part of our home and add so much life and vibrancy. Our certified technicians have the state of the art equipment to help your family have a healthier living environment in Long Beach, CA.

Give Mark It Clean a call to do a thorough deep area rug cleaning in Long Beach, CA.  Call Mark It Clean at 562-726-2929 and we will give you a free estimate.

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