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How To Remove Gum From Upholstery

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Want to know how to remove gum?​

How to remove a gum stain from a fabric or leather sofa? Or how to remove gum that is stuck to the carpet? – Read the complete guide for removing gum from Carpet or upholstery written by the portal team ‘Mark It Clean’, which combines a variety of service providers for the purpose of cleaning upholstery, rugs and sofas and among other things provides do-it-yourself guides for all surfers.

How to remove chewing gum from home upholstery and car upholstery?

The method we are all familiar with when gum sticks to our garment is to simply put it in the freezer, the gum will freeze and its removal will be easy and simple, but what happens in a situation where the car upholstery and especially other upholstery in the house cannot be put into the freezer?

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The method works on the same principle, freezing the gum!


Using a bag with some ice cubes (it is important that it is well sealed), place it on the top of the gum. It will freeze after a few minutes (it is important to perform the removal when it is not hot outside and if already in the evening), after freezing the gum will be easily removed.

Another option is using a freezing spray similar to that of the athletes, spray on the area where there is gum and then it can be removed. Just important to make sure the spray does not leave color. By the way, we also wrote a guide on how to clean car upholstery – feel free to read.

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So... tell me how to remove gum from carpet

Here the issue is a bit more tricky,

of course you also have to freeze the gum but you will not be able to remove it completely and simply as in the upholstery because of the carpet fibers, and if you try to tear it it may dislodge some of the carpet fibers (depending on its type) Will be unaesthetic to the eye.

so what are we doing?

Similar to the method of car upholstery and upholstery in particular – freeze the area and then with a hard brush gently scrub the area, the gum should “crumble” and you need to collect the “gum fragments”, if you see that the matter gets too complicated – you should consult an expert in the field.

How to get rid of gum stain on a leather sofa?

You removed the gum and it left a stain? 

There are new preparations designed just for that, in order to remove a stain from a leather sofa there are substances designed for this and among them you can find a cleanser that comes as a gel, it is excellent for removing gum stains from leather sofas.