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How to clean carpet at home by your self

The complete guide to self clean carpet at home. Want to know how to clean a carpet at home alone? Tips and tricks for special and different kinds of carpets.

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How to clean carpet stains?

There are several common types of stains on carpets, which are difficult to remove so you can use materials that help remove them such as vinegar and baking soda that we have already written complete and detailed guides about, you can browse a baking soda guide or alternatively a cleaning guide with vinegar.  Work with the material and what type of stain it removes, it is advisable to treat stains as close as possible to their formation so the chance of removing them is greater. Some tips for cleaning a Persian and Afghan rugs completely on your own Persian rugs are usually made by hand, making them more sensitive and difficult to independently clean without the necessary and appropriate knowledge.  We would not recommend using chemicals on rugs of this type to avoid color fading, the traditional and well-known method is to hang the rug and beat it, as ironic as it sounds, this is indeed the most recommended method for cleaning Persian rugs (or Afghan), if there are hard stains and defects.  On the other hand, when cleaning woven rugs – it is not recommended to hang or beat them at all!  They can be turned over and thoroughly vacuumed. With such sensitive carpets – it is advisable to call a professional company that has the necessary tools and knowledge, of course you can request rug cleaning through Mark It Clean.

It is known that it is not easy to clean a shaggy rug and working with a vacuum cleaner does not always do the job… so what is the best way to independently clean your shaggy rugs?

How to clean a shaggy rug alone?


Do you have a shaggy rug? Does it matter if it’s white, black, red or blue, it is common knowledge that they are not easy to clean and working with a vacuum cleaner does not always work, so anyway, what is the way to independently clean shaggy rugs? 

First take the rug outside, even if you only have a balcony it is excellent, use a carpet cleaning product, these are solutions that usually make a lot of foam, then with a broom or hard brush (it is important that they are clean) scrub hard, this action separates the dirt from the rug and removes the dust from the inner layers to the outer, then hang the rug in a sunny place. After the rug is completely dry vacuum it well. 

At the final vacuuming stage, all the dirt and dust are on the surface and are not trapped inside, which allows them to be easily removed.

I don't have a vacuum cleaner, how can I clean my wall to wall carpet?

If you have wall to wall carpets in your house, usually it is advisable to have a vacuum cleaner. 

But if your vacuum happened to have broken and you must clean the carpets, (by the way this method also works in the case of a large rug in the house), you may brush the carpet using a hard outdoor broom or a broom with strong bristles systematically along the fibers, use a dust pan to collect the dirt and simply repeat the operation a number of times. 

After sweeping the carpet you can use a carpet cleaning solution with or without fragrance and wipe with a cloth along the carpet, which will give it a refreshing look and smell.

Cleaning bathroom rugs is easier than you think...

This is a simple synthetic bath mat (not plastic or rubber), just take it and put in the washing machine on a gentle cycle, then dry by hanging and not in a tumble dryer, the result will be amazing and you will wish you would have done it before, simple, economic and with great results .