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How to Avoid Water Damage at Home

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Faulty pipes and leaking appliances can result in significant losses both property and financial wise. For instance, water leakages will result in hefty utility bills, and if no action is taken to repair such leakages, structural damage is inevitable. In order to avoid incurring significant insurance claims, you need to know how to avoid water damage at home.

Water damage restoration Long Beach

In case your property has been damaged by water, our water damage restoration Long Beach experts offer professional water damage restoration Lakewood CA services.

Here are 4 ways to avoid water damage as home:

1. Unplug Hose Pipes

If most of the time you are away at work or school, ensure that you have disconnected any hose pipes which might contain stagnant water. Such water is likely to cause damage, especially during winter or in cold regions as this water is likely to freeze and damage your pipes. If such damage occurs in underground pipes in your home, structural damage is likely to occur due to water leakage.

2. Beware of Vegetation

Vegetation can add a touch of beauty and nature around your home, however, underground roots can be disastrous. Roots from trees and bushes around your home will chock your underground pipes cause blockages or worse, breakages. Professional advice from our water damage restoration Seal Beach experts is to cut down big trees and bushes around sections where you pipes pass through. This will prevent the mentioned damages.

3. Take a Look at Your Water Bill

A water bill can tell you more than just the amount of money you pay for this utility as it can also help you detect water leakages and faulty water appliances. If you discover a significant increase in the amount of money you pay for your water, there’s likelihood that you have a leakage.

Call our professional water damage restoration Long Beach professionals today to fix your leakages and faulty pipes and save on utility bills.

4. Affix Water Detection Devices

Water damage can occur at a moment’s notice, and as such you need to have devices in place that will detect water leakages. A water detection device works the same way a smoke alarm does, as soon as it detects moisture, the water detector will sound an alarm, prompting you to repair any leakages. Our professional water damage restoration Long Beach specialists’ advice installing water detectors near washing machines, toilets, pumps and water heaters.

Are you a victim of water damage in your home? Call our water damage restoration Long Beach experts to get professional water damage restoration services at competitive rates.