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How Do I Prepare for a Carpet Cleaning in Lakewood, CA

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How Do I Prepare for a Carpet Cleaning

How Do I Prepare for a Carpet Cleaning in Lakewood, CA?

Mark It Clean in Lakewood, CA gets this question a lot.

what should I do before a professional carpet cleaner comes into my Lakewood home?

Preparing for a professional cleaning is easy and our goal is to always make your life easier. There are a few easy things you can do to prepare the space before our professional carpet cleaning technician arrives.

These simple tasks will help us get the job done right and more efficiently.

Mark It Clean prides ourselves at delivering the best carpet cleaning in Lakewood homes. Vacuuming before always help get up surface dirt so when we come in we can give you more bang for your buck extracting the deep down dirt and stains. It makes a huge impact! It may sound silly but it makes the process go faster and more effective. Dirt and debris is always on those carpet fibers and that is what is damaging your carpet the most especially in those high foot traffic areas.

Remove and dust so that nothing is falling back onto the carpet after it is cleaned.

Those pesky dust bunnies also contribute to destroying carpet fibers. Carpet is like an air filter so when it collects dirt, dust, pollen, pet hair, and other stuff it’s basically released back into your air and that’s why some people have worse air quality in their home than they do outside. A lot of Blogs you read will actually say to put away valuables.

My thought process is if you are hiring a company that you fear will break or steal something then you are hiring the wrong company.

Go with your gut and read reviews, ask people for recommendations, go with a company that has the most experience and has been around for a while.

You’re letting someone into your home and let’s face it you want to find a company you can always call and trust.

We pride ourselves on having a regular clientele and repeat business. Companies that don’t are either cutting corners, not doing the job right, or can’t be trusted.

Mark It Clean has the best reputation in Lakewood, CA for our carpet cleaning and it’s because we put the customer first and we do the job right. Ask companies if they charge with moving furniture.

You’d be surprised on how many companies look for ways to give you hidden fees over nothing.

Mark It Clean gives free estimates over the phone and we never surprise you will more fees after the cleaning. We stand behind our quote.

Give Mark It Clean a call at 562-726-2929 for a free carpet cleaning estimate in Lakewood, CA

And when you do read reviews look out for reviews saying companies do that.

Hidden fees are usually a sign that a company isn’t trustworthy and they are probably a new company that isn’t experienced and
doesn’t take their customers opinions in consideration. If you have large furniture that needs to be removed please just talk to us about it when you call for the estimate and we will be happy to help and accommodate your needs. We are always happy to help
because customer satisfaction is our number one priority.When our carpet cleaning technician gets to your home please inform him of stains, high traffic areas, and any other concerns so he can use pre-treatment and take extra care of those areas. We can guess
but it’s always better to hear it from you as well. It makes us have a more successful cleaning.

High traffic areas will have lots of dirt build up like in hallways and entry ways so we pay extra attention to those areas so we can protect carpet fibers from breaking down.

If you have a puppy and you know of areas where the pet has had accidents let us know so we can use a pre-treatment in those areas. It’s important to get out the urine so it doesn’t damage the carpet bed.

These stains will carry a bad odor if untreated and can discolor the carpet if untreated. Our portable carpet cleaning machine has a powerful suction to get up all the excess liquid that may be still lingering.

Give Mark It Clean a call to get a thorough carpet cleaning done in Lakewood, CA. Call Now! 562-726- 2929 We will give you a free estimate over the phone and work with your schedule to get you a cleaning as soon as possible.