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Facts about Water Damage in Long Beach, CA

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Water Damage comes in many forms

Water Damage comes in many forms from floods to a busted pipe but it’s important to be conscientious of the potential hazards and the safety issues that you can prevent by calling a Professional Water Damage Restoration company. Mark It Clean technicians are certified and trained to deal with water disasters in homes. Water Damage happens to 1 out of 50 homeowners.

It’s never a good idea to put off water extraction or repairs after water damage. Moisture, standing water, dark places, and your homes structure is what mold needs to start growing. It only takes 24 hours for mold to start growing. That’s why getting a water damage restoration company into your home immediately after a water disaster is crucial in preventing your home having further damage and repairs. In no time you could have musty air and an odor that can aggravate allergies and your asthma if
you have it.

water can leak out in just a single 24-hour period - 250 gallons

If you notice anything even the tiniest crack in a pipe can slowly grow into a huge problem. It may sound crazy but 250 gallons of water can leak out in just a single 24-hour period. You’d be amazed at how fast a water problem can develop into a huge disaster. Being pro-active is essential and having the right equipment is crucial. It seriously takes professional equipment that a water damage restoration company has like Mark It Clean to extract large amounts of standing water. Mark It Clean will then circulate the air with our high powered fans to get the area dry as soon as possible. We will then disinfect the area and then assess what further damages may be.

Mark It Clean in Long Beach, CA if a local favorite for water damage restoration. Call Mark It Clean for a free estimate at 562-726-2929

How To Tell If A Water Damage Problem is New or Old?

Has that water damage always been there?

Or did it just happen? 

These are serious questions especially if you are buying a house.

Home inspectors will notice any new and old water damage to the homes structure or foundation. Noticing Water Damage problems or mold in a home you may potentially buy is critical.

Step One:

Recognizing that Water Affects Different Materials at Different Times If you see tile or brick for instance cracking or breaking down because of water damage it is for sure an old problem. It takes water a long time to break down these materials. Surfaces like drywall, carpet or hardwood flooring could be new because it doesn’t take water that long to affect those materials.

Step Two: 

Look for Rings Drywall, wooden flooring, and other softer materials may develop rings because the water soaks in and discolors the material. After the water does eventually dry it will leave behind a stain. Rings are usually a sign that the water damage is old.

Step Three: 

Touch Obviously if an area is wet to the touch it has water damage. If drywall is soft then the water has had time to soak and ruin the material. This means the water damage is an old problem and needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Step Four: 

Assess Mold You can a lot of times visibly see mold on damaged areas. If an area has been soaked for at least 48 hours then there is more than likely mold growth. The absence of mold doesn’t necessarily mean the damage because if it’s too hot or cold for mold to grow than it won’t. HEPA filters are always a great thing that removes mold spores from growing.

Types of Mold that Grow in Wet Carpets

1. Cladosporium: This is a common indoor mold. It will attack those with respiratory conditions.

2. Alternaria: Alternaria will bother your lungs. It spreads quickly.

3.Chaetomium: This can cause skin and nail infections.

4. Tichoderma: Tichoderma is resistant to heat and anti-fungal treatments.

5. Fusarium: This even likes cold conditions, so you may find it in your basement.

6. Stachybotrys: Stachybotrys is like black mold and this mold is uncommon.

This is why it’s extremely important to call a water damage restoration company to professionally use expert equipment to extract out all standing water and to remove all moisture in the air with dehumidifiers. 

The quicker you have water removed and the area dried and disinfected the more you will prevent mold growth! 

Call Mark It Clean in Long Beach, CA for any water damage restoration.

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