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Expert Tips On Commercial Carpet Cleaning In Long Beach, CA

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Carpets are a beautiful part of your office building.  It invites customers to come in and makes your employees feel happier and healthier.  It gives your office a professional appearance so that’s why it is extremely important to keeping it look great.  Carpet acts much like an air filter and it collects every dirt, pollen, and other debris so it’s important to have it routinely cleaned every 3-6 Months by a professional commercial carpet cleaning company.

We will talk about the things living in your carpet that could be a danger to your employees at work and the benefits of hiring a professional commercial carpet cleaning company.  Mark It Clean has certified and insured technicians that are experienced with office cleanings as well as professionally trained on our state of the art equipment.  We want to ensure everyone that when we do a job we are going to do it right.  We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and expert knowledge.

Things That May Be Living in Your Office Carpet:

  • Norovirus– It can be in carpets for months and is the main cause of the stomach flu.  You obviously don’t want your employees around this.
  • Germs– everything you drop on the floor collects germs that live in the carpet.  Like the Norovirus we talked about above this.
  • Dirt– Carpets in just a family home can collect more than 40 Pounds of dirt in a year.  Imagine how much dirt your employees bring into the office on a daily basis.
  • Dander– People shed 1.5 Million skin flakes in an hour.  How many people do you have working in your office?  That’s a lot of dead skin.
  • Air– Indoor air is actually dirtier and yuckier than outdoor air.  Dust is the main source.  Dust Mites love dust!  2,000 Dust Mites can be living in one ounce of dust alone.  That is why it is important to vacuum daily.
  • Allergens– Built up dust, dirt, pollen that lays on the carpet will cause allergic reaction and asthma in employees.
  • Mold– Mold can grow within 24 Hours in a spot that stays dry, warm, and dark.  Mycotoxins is what is released from mold spores.  This is what causes asthma and allergic reactions as well.


All of these dangerous germs, bacteria, mold that lives in carpet will make you ill.  Carpet that is not cleaned in the office will make employees sick and you will have more call ins from illness due to an unhealthy work environment. 

Did you know that carpet can hold up to 200,000 bacteria per square inch and that’s 4,000 times more than even your toilet?  Image how much it may be in your office depending on how many employees and customers you have coming in on a daily basis.  That’s why scheduled maintenance and cleaning is very important.  The longer you don’t clean carpets the more you are putting your employees and customers in harm’s way.

Having a commercial carpet cleaning will promote a healthier work environment so people will call in sick less and will make the office carpet last a lot longer.  It’s important to take care of your investment to save you more money over time.  Commercial Carpet Cleaning by Mark It Clean will make your life a lot easier.

The Biggest Reasons that Impact your Commercial Carpets Longevity:


How many people walking in and out and all around your office on a daily basis will largely affect how quickly the office carpet wears out.  Carpet fibers are being bent and damaged every time someone is walking over it.  Carpets will having rating classifications that focus on resilience of the fiber and durability.


Darker carpet will hide dirt and stains better while light carpet will highlight them.  Lighter carpet will take a lot more cleaning maintenance to upkeep the appearance.


Having carpets commercially cleaned on a regular basis will impact its longevity and maintain your warranty on the carpet.  If you can’t show proof of routine cleaners a lot of times the warranty means nothing.  A routinely cleaned office carpet can last up to 15 years if it is taken care of correctly. 

Additional tips are daily vacuuming, mats in entry ways, and commercial carpet cleanings every 3-6 Months.

Having office carpets commercially cleaned is a no brainer.  Protect your investment with a routine commercial carpet cleaning by Mark It Clean in Long Beach, CA.  Call 562-726-2929 for a free estimate.