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DYI Mattress Cleaning

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DYI Mattress Cleaning

Mattresses collect awful things like dead skin, we sweat on them, and if you have a toddler they occasionally have accidents. Mattresses are what we sleep on daily so why not take care of them. They are also a huge investment? They are like carpet and it’s important to have them cleaned every six months. Even thinking of when you get sick and you are stuck in bed? Do you think those germs are still there a few months later? Um….yes!!!!

Some things you can do in between cleaning are pretty simple and easy. Mark It Clean wants all customers to be proactive in taking care of their mattress until we can get a cleaning scheduled. Here are some simple and easy tips on taking care of the cleaning of your mattress in between cleanings.

1. Vacuum the mattress

You’d be surprised how much just vacuuming your mattress picks up those dead skin cells and pet hair. Personally we actually vacuum when we change the sheets. Once you get into the habit it actually becomes an easy habit to fall into. Vacuuming once a week does wonders!

2. Cleaning Stains

One thing to always keep in mind when you clean a stain is the material or type of carpet. Sometimes with mattresses you could void your warranty by trying to clean it wrong. It’s worth having a professional mattress cleaner clean items that are under warranty so you can protect and keep that warranty. Stains that aren’t found immediately and have gone deep into the mattress will need professional equipment to get everything out.

A few DIY Stain tips if needed are a combination of hydrogen peroxide, dish soap and baking soda. Mix them into a spray bottle and spray on the area with the stain. Blot with a rag. You want to be careful to not use too much liquid or it will go deep into the mattress. Like carpet you can sprinkle baking soda on a mattress and vacuum everything up. This will neutralize the smell.

When attempting to dry the mattress you want to open windows and ventilate the room. You can always buy mattress covers to help protect the mattress to ensure it last longer. This is especially helpful in making the mattress last long and protect warranties. I recommend this especially if
you have a toddler potty training. That is the worst thing to happen if a toddler has a urine accident, you really need a professional after that.

Mark It Clean is an expert at cleaning mattresses and getting down deep to remove all stains that may occur. Our equipment is the state of the art and our technicians are certified and trained. Call Mark It Clean today to schedule your mattress cleaning appointment. 562-726-2929

You can lift odors with combining baker’s vanilla and baking soda into a spray bottle and squirting it onto the mattress. You’ll be amazed how much better the mattress will smell.

Memory Foam Mattress Tips

Avoid harsh cleaning agents because it could easily damage the foam. Never ever use Bleach on any mattress! It will take longer to dry out. Be sure to read any warnings given to you on your foam mattress.

Before switching to a memory foam mattress you want to really test out different styles of mattresses. Some people really prefer medium to firm mattress or extremely firm. It’s important to go to a mattress store to test out different ones to get the right one. In all and all mattresses always need a routine cleaning. When you think of sweat, pets, and even lying in bed with a common cold, those germs and bacteria stay and soak into the mattresses. It’s important to rid your mattress of all those germs and bacteria every 6 months.

Mattresses go through a lot of beating between kids and pets. They see awful stains sometimes and it’s even harder to get rid of a stain on a mattress than it is on carpet because there is so much more it can soak and latch onto. Cleaning mattresses will help prevent mites and other yucky bacteria and bugs from arriving. We spend at least 8 hours on a mattress why not invest in keeping it clean and safer.

Mark It Clean can certainty help with our mattress deep cleaning and we can have them dry before you need to sleep in them.

Schedule your appointment with Mark It Clean and our certified technicians will get them back to smelling and looking like new again! Call Now 562-726-2929