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Deep Carpet Cleaning

What To Do before we Come into your Home in Lakewood, CA?

One of the perks of having a professional carpet cleaner come in like Mark It Clean in Lakewood, CA is the simple fact that we can do the cleaning and then have carpets dried in a few hours so it doesn’t turn into an all-day event.

We all have busy schedules between work and running the kids around.

It’s so much easier to get a professional in and out to get the job right and have the freedom to get back to life like normal. Our technicians are certified and insured to give you the best experience possible and that’s why we are Lakewood’s number one cleaner.

It helps so much if you vacuum before we come to your home. This will remove big dirt, soil, or pet hair and when we come in it’s like a second insurance and it just really helps prepare for the job to be successful.

It helps our technicians get the job don’t quicker and much more efficient It’s recommended to have your carpets deep cleaned 1-2 times a year depending on family size, including dogs and cats.

After this we will do a pre-treatment on the carpet.

We basically will go over areas that have had high foot traffic, any noticeable stains, and maybe an area you’ve informed us about. We will spray a special eco-friendly cleaning agent on these areas and let it sit for a while. This will help bring those stains back to the surface so it’s easier to lift and execute with the portable cleaner. This also helps getting those awful odors out and permanently removed. We have all had a puppy and puppies maybe cute but they have a lot of accidents. Call Mart It Clean in Lakewood, CA for a professional deep cleaning…your local favorite!

Now it’s time for the deep clean and if you called Mark It Clean in Lakewood, CA you have the best technicians to do the job right. Our company is a local favorite and our technicians are the best at getting out stains! We basically run our state of the art portable carpet cleaning machine over the carpet cleaning and extracting the dirt, dander, and whatever else lies below the surface of those carpet fibers. Our technicians are very educated on the equipment and the products to use on certain surfaces.

All of Mark It Cleans cleaning agents are environmental and eco-friendly so it’s not harmful to you, your kids, and to your pets.
You can always call Mark It Clean in Lakewood, CA for a free estimate so we can get you a quote and schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Call Now at 562-726-2929

There are two main methods in cleaning carpets. One is an older style of cleaning with truck mounts but luckily new equipment has been developed over the years that take up less space and makes it more convenient. Now we don’t need to run hoses all over the house hoping we don’t knock something over.

The new portable carpet cleaning machines are more convenient and more effective.

Wet Method

We know that steam cleaning/hot water extraction is a very effective method at removing deep dirt, urine, and other stains. The only con with this method is that it leaves you with a long drying time. Expect around 6 hours?

Dry Method

This is more about absorbing dirt and grime. It dries extremely fast. You can do a low moisture method and it just separates the dirt from the carpet fiber. We have a powerful vacuum method to extract as much as possible.