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Commercial Carpet Cleaning on A Budget Long Beach, CA

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Cheaper estimates and bids doesn’t always mean cheaper. Hiring a cheaper general service company over a specialty commercial floor cleaner will eventually save you more because specialize equipment and tools will clean carpets more effectively and make them last longer.  You basically want your offices carpet to last and long as possible.

Cheaper companies may not clean your offices carpet to the best of their ability and this may impact the longevity of your carpet.  Mark It Clean specializes in commercial carpet cleaning in Long Beach, CA and we will come up with a maintenance program unique to your facility and your budget.

Low moisture Commercial Carpet Cleaning won’t damage the carpet long term, it will lift fibers with each cleaning and this make the carpets look new and vibrant.  This method will protect and prevent carpet damage.  Give Mark It Clean in Long Beach, CA for a free estimate on commercial carpet cleaning at 562-726-2929.

Keeping your carpets cleaned routinely in the office has tremendous benefits.  It’s more welcoming and inviting to customers.  High indoor air quality is critical to ensuring your staff stays happier and healthier.  Commercial Carpet Cleaning is critical for every business to have done routinely.

There are actual studied that state that regularly cleaning the office carpets can affect productivity. Workers in a clean and healthy environment will focus better on tasks and will are prouder to work with that company.  A visually appealing office is more inviting and impressionable to people coming in for meetings and any other customers or visitors.  Commercial carpet cleaning will also keep the offices environment smelling fresher and cleaner.  No one wants to come into a building that has a musky, awful odor that they can’t stand to be in.  If you’re office smells bad I can guarantee you that employees will work poorly and customers will leave sooner than planned.


A Few Tips for a success Office Environment:

Vacuum Daily: Daily vacuuming will prevent dirt from being dug deeper into the office carpet.  It will protect the carpet fibers from being ruined and will make carpets last longer.  When you do have a professional come in for a commercial carpet cleaning in Long Beach then you will have better results because that surface dirt has been removed.

Regular Deep Cleanings: Depending on foot traffic, how many people work in your office deep commercial carpet cleanings can be done every 3-6 Months.  Mark It Clean has the proper equipment and tools to get the job done right.  There is a steam carpet clean method known as hot-water extraction that will suck up all dirt or a dry carpet cleaning method that uses cleaning agents to remove all dirt from the carpets.

Treat Spills and Stains: If someone spills coffee or anything in the office on the carpet it’s essential to get to it immediately. You can use vinegar, baking soda, or ammonia to lift the stain then blot the stain.  Trying to at least get up all surface liquid will help tremendously when you have a professional commercial carpet cleaning.

Cleaning and maintaining a clean office environment is a critical part of any business and Mark It Clean is happy to help.  You can call us at any time for a free commercial carpet cleaning estimate at 562-726-2929.  We will help provide a clean office environment for your Long Beach employees and customers.

Mark It Cleans expert technicians will do a walk-through of your office to identify which areas need to be cleaned and will come up with a plan on the frequency of the carpet cleanings. 

Mark It Cleans commercial cleaning service will give you a high quality service worthy of what you paid for. Mark It Clean guarantees customer satisfaction and we are certified and insured. Not all commercial cleaning services are alike, and they should use commercial-grade equipment and cleaning solutions designed to deliver optimum results.

Appearances are everything and Mark It Clean can help get your business looking more inviting and professional.  A regular commercial carpet cleaning will without a doubt keep employees and customers happier and healthier.

Maintaining a clean office will put your business in the best light for your customers.  There are numerous benefits for keeping a clean workplace in Long Beach, CA and carpets are our top priority.  Call Mark It Clean in Long Beach, CA for a free estimate on your commercial carpet cleaning needs.  Call Mark It Clean at 562-726-2929