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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Methods in Long Beach, CA

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It is extremely important to understand the different types of commercial carpet cleaning methods that work and do not work for your office.  Mark It Clean in Long Beach, CA likes to help people feel more educated on how commercial carpet cleaning is performed.  Not all companies do it the same way either so it is important to ask the company you call what method do they use to clean your commercial carpets.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Methods:

Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

Lots of people may know this as steam cleaning.  This is a hot water extraction method using high pressured hot water to agitate the carpet.  The hot water will dissolve the dirt that is deep in the carpet.

First, they will apply a cleaning agent the agitation of the carpet with a brush and then will rinse the carpet.  Then they will use equipment to rinse the cleaning agent.  Drying time can take up to 24 Hours depending on size.  It is important to ask the company you call in your area how long will it take for the office carpets to be dry?

Carpet Shampooing

Shampooing was popular until the encapsulation technology was introduced.  If the company does this it probably is a very old cleaner with old equipment.  This method leaves behind a lot of water and wet foam residue.  I would choose another company if this is still their current method of cleaning. 


Foam encapsulation use synthetic detergents and then it will crystallize into a powder when it finally dries.   This has become a very popular method.  It has environmental friendly products and there is way less residue and dries super faster.  This method isn’t the best for places that have heavy soiled carpet. 

Bonnet Cleaning

This method involves cleaning the top part of carpet fibers with a heavy duty machine that has a spinning pad.  The cleaning solutions will absorb the dirt.  This is usually done in hotels because it is a quick fix.   This is something that only gets surface dirt so not long after you will see dirt resurfacing. 

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning or compound cleaning is a new technology and is getting more popular.  It is more convenient and does not require a drying time.

There are a lot of different cleaning compounds and powders.  Basically the cleaning compound is put into the bottom of the carpet then a portable machine with a rotating brush will open up the carpet fibers and the compound with get into a really thorough deep clean.  It will dissolve dirt and can be removed effectively in the end of the cleaning.   This is used in commercial offices that need to operate 24 Hours a day and 7 days a week.   

Did you know that 86% of customers surveyed would not return to a store if the floors were considered dirty?

Every business has different needs when they need a commercial carpet cleaner.  Restaurants or hotels in Long Beach, CA need their carpets cleaned more frequently because of high foot traffic and staining.  Other offices and stores need fewer cleanings but still have lots of wear and tear because of foot traffic from employees and customers as well.  No matter the commercial carpet cleaning needs, Mark It Clean in Long Beach, CA is here to schedule and do a routine commercial carpet cleaning.  We have been in Long Beach for years and have become a local favorite.  Commercial Carpet Cleaning needs to be done by certified and licensed technicians and that’s who we are.

Mark It Cleans low moisture method is essential for office carpets that need to be walked on not long after our routine commercial carpet cleaning in preformed.  Nobody wants to come into work to wet carpets.  Mark It Clean uses non-toxic cleaning agents so you don’t have to worry about employees or customers have asthma attacks or allergic reactions to our cleaning method.  Our commercial carpet cleaning method is safe, effective, and essential to your office or store.

Give Mark It Clean a call in Long Beach, CA for your commercial carpet cleaning.  Call 562-726-2929 for a free estimate and walk through.  Revive your office or store floors to their absolute beauty with Mark It Cleans commercial carpet cleaning service. 

Improve the cleanliness of your work place by enhancing your offices health because commercial carpet cleaning will improve your indoor air quality.  Excellent indoor air quality will improve your employees immune systems!