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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Customers and Clients will always make some sort of an opinion about your business when they step through the doors.

Having a clean carpets in your business office, facility, or work place is professional and essential to succeeding. Office with the adequate Mark it Cleans technicians have an attention to detail and can provide your office with the adequate commercial carpet cleaning to ensure people have the best opinion about your business.

Mark it Clean has been helping businesses in Long Beach, CA to keep the carpet in their offices and retail settings clean and up to par to ensure everyone is happy to be there.

Our Technicians are certified and experienced to do the best job and meet all of your standards. Give us a call today to schedule your routine commercial carpet cleaning appointment (562)726-2929.

Commercial Carpet cleaning:

Cleaning is an important part in helping odor and appearance. It is essential and effective.

Every building has different needs and we understand that. Mark it Clean can accommodate your schedule and find the best time to clean carpets when employees and customers are gone.

Give us a call for a free estimate.

Mark it Clean is very affordable and our technicians are efficient and reliable. We’ve been serving the Long Beach location for years. We’ve become a local favorite and our reviews prove it.

We are fully insured and offer monthly billing. Our most important thing is to provide you with the best results possible.

Mark it Clean prides themselves on dependability and results that matter.

We provide a reliable service with the following approach:

1. Customized Schedule that tailors around your business hours.

2. We thoroughly screen and complete background checks for all employees.

3. We have a strict and educational training program for all employees.

4. We provide the best cleaning equipment and cleaning products that are safe and work best.

5. We conduct routine inspections always check with you and our technicians to ensure the best
service was provided.

6. We schedule routine meetings with you and Mark it Clean to make sure everything is being
done properly and efficiently.

Give Mark it Clean a call in Long Beach, CA for a free Estimate (562)726-2929.


  • We know the CDC wants us to up our game with keeping people safe. This includes keeping your business clean and safe for both employees and customers. Disinfecting your office is important to ensure no one gets sick with the coronavirus or anything else.
  • Mark it Clean technicians are healthy and wear protective gloves and masks while they clean your office building.
  • Mark it Clean wants you to know we are taking precautions to keep you and our staff safe.