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Mark It Clean wants to ensure we keep your family healthy during this pandemic. It is our top priority to have our technicians taking precautions like using face masks, gloves and disinfecting areas. We have our technicians take their temperature and we make sure they are not feeling sick or having any symptoms of COVID. Our technicians are like family so we want to protect them as much as our customers. Mark It Clean guarantees that we are doing everything we can to help our Lakewood, CA residents during a cleaning.

Our technicians will avoiding touching unnecessary areas and will disinfect as they carpet clean your home. We change into new gloves at each home and will do whatever we need to in order to make you feel safe. When you call Mark It Clean in Lakewood, CA please inform our receptionist of any concerns or needs you may have when you schedule your appointment. Give Mark It Clean a call for a free estimate and to ask or express anything you may need. Call Mark It Clean at 562-726-2929 to schedule an appointment. We will work around your schedule and find the best time for a thorough deep carpet cleaning.

We all know it’s a bit scary moving forward after this virus but I think one thing we have learned from it is that when we live in a cleaner and healthier environment we are healthier and we protect ourselves from unwanted germs and bacteria. Our carpets build up with dirt, bacteria, and everything you bring in on your feet. Your carpet acts like an air filter and it’s important to keep an air filter clean. If you let dirt and grime build up onto carpet fibers it’s released back into the air giving you poor air quality. The better air we breathe the healthier we are.

Cleaning is something that does eliminate this virus so it’s no time to slack on skipping regular carpet cleanings. It’s even more important to keep those appointments or schedule them to ensure you are living in a healthier environment. Mark It Clean is taking every cleaning seriously so we can protect our customers and staff. Mark It Clean will be happy to book your carpet cleaning appointment in Lakewood, CA. Just give us a call at 562-726-2929

Tips for Cleaning & Disinfecting

After a technicians leaves clean door handles and anything that may concern you. We want you to feel at a peace of mind after we leave and feel confident that we did everything we could to make you feel safe. Cleaning and Disinfecting is critical in protecting you and our staff. Our technicians know that it’s a big responsibility but we want you to know that we are up for the challenge and want to help.

Plan a head, maybe have the family hang out and do an activity in the yard so that there aren’t a lot of people in the house during a cleaning. This will make things go a lot faster and then less contact with people is better for us and you. If you or a family feels sick or has a fever before a cleaning please call us to reschedule the appointment.

Mark It Clean technicians are experts in cleaning and we have all been discussing and training for new procedures during a routine carpet cleaning in Lakewood, CA. We are committed to providing our clients with a professional carpet cleaning as well a professional protocol to protect you and us from COVID-19.

Mark It Clean prides ourselves at thoroughly cleaning your carpets in a timely manner so that you can get back to your daily routine. It’s important to keep our homes clean and healthy so we are protected from all germs and bacteria that are entering without our knowledge. We’ve been quarantining for a while and our homes have taken more of a beating especially with our kids at home taking online course. There is more spills and more stain and dirt build up from being at home all the time. I’m sure your carpets would look better and smell better with a carpet cleaning by Mark It Clean in Lakewood, CA.

Keep your family happier and healthier in Lakewood, CA with a routine carpet cleaning by Mark It Clean. Give us a call at 562-726-2929 for a thorough carpet cleaning. We can give you a free estimate over the phone and schedule an appointment as soon as possible.