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Choosing the Right Commercial Carpet Cleaning Company

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Choosing the best commercial carpet cleaning company to clean your office carpets can be a little stressful. There are many companies in Long Beach, CA like Pacific Commercial Carpet Clean, who only has 2 Reviews, or Long Beach Cleaners who have 15 Reviews.  Mark It Clean Upholstery & Cleaning really tries to get as many reviews as possible to help our customers to choose the right cleaner.  Currently we have 176 Reviews and we hope that gives people peace of mind when selecting us to do commercial carpet cleaning in Long Beach, CA.

Pricing is Important

We all know that it is true, “you get what you pay for.”  Less expensive companies usually cut corners; have cheaper equipment, or cheaper cleaning agents.  They could even be using toxic chemicals to clean your office.  It’s important to ask questions.  Ask companies what cleaning agents do you use?  Ask companies what cleaning methods do you use?  Ask companies what equipment do they have?  The more you know the better.

Have the commercial carpet cleaning company come to your office to do a walk through estimate so they can give you adequate pricing per square foot.  They can give you an estimate of the time it will take.  Our experienced technicians will write up a detailed estimate and routine cleaning schedule to keep your office clean over time and help protect carpets.  This ensures you have no hidden fees.

Some companies charge very high prices for commercial carpet cleaning.  Mark It Clean offers affordable prices for your commercial carpet cleaning needs in the office in Long Beach, CA.  Call Mark It Clean in Long Beach, CA for a free commercial carpet cleaning estimate and walk through at 562-726-2929

Cleaning Methods

There are a lot of methods companies use to do commercial carpet cleanings.  They may use a dry carpet cleaning method, a steam cleaning, low-moisture cleaning method, etc.  The low-moisture commercial carpet cleaning method involves safe cleaning agents and very little water.  This is to ensure the carpets in your office will dry within an hour.  It’s fast and proven to work.  Steam Cleaning can take forever to dry, usually 24 hours.  Dry Carpet Cleaning methods can discolor the carpet in your office.  Ask the company you call what cleaning method do they use?  Ask the company that you call how long will it take for the office carpet to dry?

Knowing What You Want

Know the type of carpet, what kind of stains it has, the age of the carpet, and what details are in your warranty is critical.  Cleaners usually ask these types of questions and we can discuss it during your walk through as well.   

Check Insurance, Licensing, and Bonding

You can check with the state if a company is legit and they may have information on their website as well.

Cleaning Agents

In your office it is important to use non-toxic safe cleaning agents to make sure no employees or customers have any bad reactions to the cleaning agents.  Toxic cleaning agents can trigger a person’s asthma or allergies.  You want a company that is green and has safe cleaning agents so no one in the office as a bad reaction to a commercial carpet cleaning.

Office Appearance

Having a professional commercial carpet cleaning simply makes your office look and smell better and this will make employees work better and customers stay longer.


Find a commercial carpet cleaning company that has been doing commercial carpet cleaning for a while.  There are a lot of fly by night commercial carpet cleaners so pick the one with the most reviews and experience like Mark It Clean in Long Beach, CA.

A Solid Guarantee

Mark It Clean will guarantee we are the best to trust and use. We have the commitment, we are reliable, we are trustworthy, and we are the best in Long Beach to clean your office.

Read All of Our Reviews!

Okay, maybe not all of them on google since we have 176!  But we are happy to keep getting reviews to make people feel safe when they choose us for commercial carpet cleaning.  So, read as many as you can.

Choosing the right cleaner can be tough but Mark It Clean will ensure you that we will do the job right and you will not regret choosing us.  We have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!

Call Mark It Clean in Long Beach, CA for a free estimate and walk through!  Call today at 562-726-2929