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Carpet Cleaning Reduces Asthma And Allergies

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How Does Carpet Affect Allergy And Asthma Symptoms?

Allergies and asthma are two very common conditions. In fact, it is estimated that 25 million people in America suffer from asthma. Forty million suffer from allergies.

Allergies and asthma can be triggered by things that may be lurking in your carpet such as pet dander, pollen dust mites and fungus.

Vacuuming regularly can help remove allergens from your carpet.

However, even if you are vacuuming regularly, you may still have allergens in your carpet. In fact, vacuuming may only remove the allergens that are at the top of your carpet.

Many people who suffer from allergies and asthma think that the best way to deal with allergens is to have all of their carpet removed. However, that is not necessary.

You can remove allergens from your carpet by having it professionally cleaned.

You will likely notice an improvement in allergy and asthma symptoms after you get your carpet cleaned.

One of the reasons that professional carpet cleaning is so effective for improving allergy and asthma symptoms is because it removes irritants from deep down in the carpet. Professional carpet cleaning is typically recommended once a year. However, if you suffer from allergies and asthma, then you will benefit from having your carpet cleaned three or four times per year.

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What The Research Says:

There have been studies done that have tested the effectiveness of carpet cleaning for removing allergens from the carpet. A study published in the American College Of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology examined the effects that carpet cleaning had on allergens. The researchers used six new carpets and three used ones.

The results of the study showed that carpet cleaning was effective for reducing allergens in both used and new carpet. The study showed that contaminants in the used carpets were reduced by 5.8 fold and Airborne particles were reduced by 4.8 fold. Allergens and irritants were reduced even more in new carpets.

Cat allergens in new carpets were reduced by 37 fold. Dust mite allergens were reduced by 10 fold. The researchers concluded the study by saying that there is no need to remove carpet from the household if one suffers from allergies or asthma. They stated that clean and well-maintained carpet will help make it easier for people to keep allergy and asthma symptoms under control. They also stated that clean carpet can help improve indoor air quality.