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Carpet Cleaning in Lakewood, CA

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Carpet Cleaning in Lakewood, CA

Carpets have a huge impact on the health of our home. Carpets impact your air quality a great deal and when we spend a lot of times indoors it’s so important to have routine carpet cleaners to help keep your family healthy in Lakewood, CA. Mark It Clean is a trusted professional in Lakewood and we have built a reputation on trust, reliability, and giving carpet cleaning customer’s excellent results. Our trained and certified staff will give you the thorough deep cleaning you need. We recommend carpets to be routinely cleaning ever 6 to 12 Months depending on family size, pets and foot traffic.

Carpets can have mold, bacteria, insect husks and feces, dust, pet urine & hair, dust mites, and other allergens. Does that make you want to have your carpets cleaned? Think about just walking barefoot on all of those things. It’s essential to have your carpets professionally cleaned in Lakewood, CA to keep your families health up to par. Call Mark It Clean in Lakewood, CA to schedule an appointment and get a free estimate. Call Now at 562-726-2929

Having dirt carpets and unhealthy air will weaken your immune system and your family will likely have more colds and flu during winter. When you live in a healthier and cleaner home you will actually have a stronger immune system and this will protect you from those common colds. Kids especially bring in unwanted dirt and bacteria so it’s crucial to have a clean home.

Microbes live in dirty carpets and these are basically types of mold that cause respiratory problems and contribute to allergies. Fungi and bacteria live in the carpet as well when they aren’t cleaned routinely. If fungi, bacteria, and mold is growing in your carpet be aware you will get dust mites with this eventually. If anyone in your home has asthma then the toxins from the fungi, bacteria, and mold will trigger asthma attacks.

We are all aware that if we have clean carpets the smell in your house improves, the color and appearance is more attractive, carpets will last a lot longer protecting the fibers with treatment and deep cleanings. Mark It Clean is happy to help Lakewood residents get a deep carpet cleaning to rid your home of toxins and any mites. Give Mark It Clean a call for a free estimate and to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Call Now at 562-726-2929

These are some of the biggest problems that are carpet faces but with a routine carpet cleaning by Mark It Clean you can help your carpet last longer and have a healthier home.

1. Kids

We love our kids but they are clumsy. They spill food, milk and bring in mud and dirt. The more spills and dirt it eventually destroys carpet fibers and leads to discoloration and a harder surface. Over time that fluffy soft carpet becomes rough and hard because it hasn’t been taken care of. Routine carpet cleanings protect the fibers so they last longer and look newer.

2. Pets

Honestly, if you have never had your carpets professionally cleaned and you have a dog or cat you should call Mark It Clean now! We love our animals but if there is dog or car urine in carpet it will sink to the carpet bed an release a horrible odor. Dogs and cats bring in lots of dirt, dander and bacteria from coming in from outside. Think of them even stepping in poop outsides then tracking it in the house.

It’s a good idea to routinely vacuum and have a professional clean your carpets if you have pets. It will give you and your family a healthier living environment.

3. Allergies

If you’ve noticed that your allergies are flaring up then you need a carpet cleaning. More than likely there is something in the carpets causing it. Carpets impact your air quality immensely. Carpets are like sponges and they pick up all the things that cause allergies. Carpet release what it picks up back into the air and that’s what we are breathing so having your carpets cleaned every 6-12 Months will help you get rid of the extra stuff you’re breathing in. Our certified technicians have the state of the art equipment to help your family have a healthier living environment in Lakewood, CA.

Give Mark It Clean a call to do a thorough deep carpet cleaning in Lakewood, CA. Call Mark It Clean at
562-726-2929 and we will give you a free estimate.