Cleaning can be a burdensome task. This is especially true when carpet, furniture, and other types of upholstery are involved. Mark It Clean of Long Beach California is here to help! Let us assist by doing the cleaning for you, so all you will have to do is check the job off your to-do list.

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With the goal of wanting to be the best in the industry and our company traits of professionalism and honest hard work, Mark It Clean would be the ideal choice for any of your cleaning needs. We provide carpet cleaning services, upholstery cleaning services, and other cleaning services as well. A wide array of cleaning methods and innovative techniques are used to reach the highest satisfaction of the customer.

Mark It Clean guarantees customer satisfaction and visible results. We will take the time needed to do the job right and make sure it exceeds your standards. We place our reputation on the line with every single cleaning job that we do and are confident in our cleaning abilities and performance. We understand that every job is a reflection on our company and that nothing is more important than a satisfied customer. Contact us today for more information and to book an appointment for our seices.

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Are your carpets dirty? Are you wondering if a professional cleaner is going to be right for your situation? The answer is invariably yes, and here are three reasons why:

You Can Avoid Having To Completely Replace A Carpet by getting us to clean them in Los Angeles and Long Beach Area.

Look at the carpets in your house right now. They’re looking pretty rough right now, aren’t they? You may be thinking that chucking the whole thing and starting all over may be the best option. If you get a professional carpet cleaner though, you’re going to save the time it takes to replace the carpet, and the large investment that goes with it.

Always try to get the carpet cleaned first. You’ll be amazed at what the men and women in this business are able to save.

You’re Going To Save Time (And Money)

Have you ever tried cleaning your own carpets? It takes an insane amount of money on rental equipment. You’re  guaranteed to waste at least a day on a job that you’re never going to be completely satisfied with. Why are you putting yourself through that kind of stress?! You work hard, you should be enjoying your leisure time. Let somebody who does this job for a living take on the burden for you.

You’re Helping Local Business

Most people don’t realize it; but getting a carpet just right is a skill that isn’t held by a lot of people. There are small business owners in your area that have built their entire livelihoods around this skill. You can help support them, thus boosting your local economy. You’re still getting an excellent job done, so everyone wins in the end!

So what are you waiting for? There are plenty of great carpet cleaners in your area, so put in the research and find the one that is best for you today!


Getting your carpets professionally cleaned on a regular basis will greatly improve the cleanliness and appearance of the carpets in your home. Stains will be removed and the carpet fiber restored to give the carpet much of its original look and feel. But there are also other more important health benefits from clean carpets.

The carpets in your home act as a filter for the air that circulates around the rooms. It is a little bit like the oil filter in a car. As the oil circulates it is filtered, and as the air circulates over the top of the carpet, some of the dust will be filtered out.

Over a period of time this means that the carpet will accumulate all types of dust and dirt that have fallen out of the air. This is in addition to the dirt that has been transferred from feet and shoes, and the hair from both humans and pets. It is frightening to think what the dirt in our carpet contains.

Most of the particles will be invisible to the naked eye. They will include mold spores, pet dander and dust mites. These dust mites are a particular problem as they dig deep down into the carpet fibers, eating just about anything they come across in the process. This in turn, means they produce significant waste which cannot be good for health.

So it is easy to see that while clean carpets will filter the air and help prevent asthma and other allergies, if carpets are allowed to get dirty and full of potentially harmful dust, the reverse can happen. The dust from the carpet will spread around the house when disturbed and actually cause health problems.

The solution is to make sure carpets are professionally cleaned in Los Angeles on a regular basis, in addition to frequent, effective vacuum cleaning. This will help keep the air clean with all the associated health benefits.



There are many items in your home that will have been chosen by you to suit your individual tastes and are usually special to you as they may be central to the appearance of a particular room. This is often the case with rugs as they come in many different styles and makes and they can be the finishing touch in how you want certain rooms to look and feel in your home. However, they do need to be looked after as over time they can become faded and to keep them looking their best can require expert help. It makes sense therefore to have your rug professionally cleaned and here are some of the benefits for doing so.

The fact that rugs come in so many styles can mean that is difficult to clean them yourself and you may even cause some damage. A professional cleaning technician has the experience and knowledge to know what types of rug require specific methods of treatment. This means that the dyes and fibres can be assessed to ensure the correct procedures are followed for your particular rug.  As part of the process, dust and ingrained dirt can be removed from it to ensure the end result is a good as possible and its appearance revived.

It is quite likely that at some point you will have a stain that needs to be removed or if you have pets for instance, there can be hidden hazards that are a problem for the general condition of the rug as well as potentially causing health conditions. The longer you leave these issues, the worse they can become and you can probably not solve these effectively yourself. An expert can deal with particular stains in the right way and also ensure that deep cleaning solves progressive damage such as that caused by pets. The end result can be a clean, fresh smelling rug.

The benefits of professional rug cleaning can result in yours looking as good as new as well as eliminating potential health hazards.


Five Qualities To Look For In A New Vacuum

If you are vacuum shopping, there are a few things you need to look for. You are going to want to find the best one for your own home. You need to do a bit of research in order to make sure you have found it.

First of all you need to find a vacuum you can use. If you think you would do better with an upright one, only look for those. Sometimes a smaller vacuum really doesn’t work for people.

Next, you need to make sure it can pick up the hair or dirt you have in your home. If you have a pet you will need something a little more heavy-duty than those without pets. Figure out what the vacuum is made for and make sure it matches your needs.

Thirdly, you might want to consider the brand. Some brands have better reviews than others. Take the time to read about the vacuum and see if it si something that will work for you.

Fourth, you want to make sure the vacuum you like is in your price range. You can spend as low as $30 or up to $2,000 on a good vacuum. It is important to know what your budget is when it comes to what you can afford.

Lastly, make sure you can store the vacuum in your home. If you buy a huge one and have no room for it, you will have issues. You want to make sure you are able to store it once you get it home.

Picking out a vacuum can be a lot of work but it will be worth it when you find the right one. You want it to be able to do what it is meant to do on your own floors. If it doesn’t work right, it won’t help you keep your house the way you want it to.



There are many benefits to having your carpets professionally cleaned. Your house can smell better and look nicer. By far one of the best benefits from having your carpets cleaned is the effect it has on your air quality.

Every time you step into your house, you drag in all sorts of outside particulates. Mold, dirt, animal droppings, and other materials come in on your shoes or bare feet and are ground into the carpet. As you walk, these minute pieces are stirred up and you breathe them in.

Hairs, dust, skin particles, and pet dander can also fall from your body and clothes, becoming ground into the carpet over time. The carpet can look clean as you vacuum, but it really is not. These particles are constantly stirred up and end up in your lungs.

When you spill something on your carpet, it actually does more damage than you realize. Spilling any sort of beverage on to your carpet may not seem too difficult to clean, but any leftover moisture can be a serious problem. The dampness that you cannot reach can quickly become a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria.

The dangers of a dirty carpet can have severe effects on people who have respiratory issues, but can even cause problems for those who are healthier. Mold spores and bacteria can cause illness in most people. Allergic reactions are fairly common when living in a home with a dirty carpet.

The solution to all these problems is a professional carpet cleaning. These skilled workers know how to deeply clean your home’s most walked on area, and can get rid of the many issues listed above. If you are having allergy problems or breathing issues, it is probably time to schedule yourself an appointment with the professionals.


How Frequently Do Carpets Need to be Cleaned Professionally

Carpets are a big investment which can last for many years if they are cared for properly. Carpets need regular professional cleaning not only to keep them looking good but also to help them last longer and provide a safe, hygienic environment for you and your family.  Regular vacuuming is an important step in caring for your carpets and keeping a clean home but it really doesn’t cut it – all carpets hold onto everything you can think of from hair, dust, mites and odors to stains and general household dirt.
How often your carpets need to be professionally cleaned really depends upon your household.  If you live all alone, don’t have any children, don’t have any pets and don’t smoke then an annual professional carpet clean should suffice. If you do have children, pets or smoke then your carpets should be cleaned at least every six or nine months, particularly in the high traffic areas.

Even if your carpet looks quite clean and presentable it is important to remember that they really do harbor all sorts of germs and bacteria and can affect the air quality of your home.
Busy homes with children, pets and smokers cannot have their carpets professionally cleaned too often – even after three months you will be surprised at the amount of dirt which is removed from a professional clean and how much better your carpets looks afterwards. It can change the whole ambiance of your home – looking clean and smelling fresh.
Don’t forget to vacuum your carpets regularly in between your scheduled professional cleans, it really can help your carpet to stay in good condition for longer.
When it comes to particular carpet stains then the sooner they are removed the better. The longer a stain is left untreated in your carpet the more difficult it will be to remove effectively.